Space Jam: A New Legacy Unveils New Images

Space Jam: A New Legacy Unveils New Images

Space Jam: A New Legacy That Promises To Be A Totally Fun Movie. A new promotional announcement was released during the MTV TV and Movie Awards.

We see again more LeBron James and especially Toon Squad. This way you can see how Granny prepares for the competition, as it turns out to be more resilient than you might expect. You’ll also see different photos of Toon Squad as they face new villains.

new offer
Below you can see the new promotional offer from Space Jam: A New Legacy be seen:

Space Jam: A New Legacy It illustrates how LeBron and his young son Dom became trapped in a digital space controlled by a wild AI. LeBron must keep them safe and with the help of Bugs, Lola Bunny and the rest of the undisciplined Looney Tunes try to defeat the AI ​​heroes.

So the Melodies will face the Goons in the match of their lives. Not only is there more at stake than ever before, LeBron’s relationship with his son will also be redefined and above all a comic production.

In theaters on July 16 (if applicable) and in the US on HBO Max.

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