Sorry Studio 10, I’ve gone too far

Sorry Studio 10, I've gone too far

Sometimes she says things, until she has written things, she continues to regret. Today I feel this disgusting feeling knowing my public statements were simply too much

Sarah Harris and Tristan McManus host the revised Studio 10

Yesterday was an emotional day for me. Watched as a show I worked hard on for many years completely changed its format. It would be fair to say the changes weren’t good for me.

Unlike other people who will likely talk to their partners about this, I have this annoying habit of speaking out – whether it’s on a podcast, video broadcast, or Twitter.

Last night I spoke from the heart while recording Black Box Podcast TV Those comments have since been published in an article on The Daily Mail. In the cold daylight, I look at those notes and feel sorry.

The difference with the changes to Studio 10 is one thing, but it is another to pour contempt on the hard-working people behind the scenes to deliver four hours of TV.

You know you’ve gone too far when people you respect reach out to you to let you know.

I’ll admit when I see these quotes in a post attributed to me, I’m not satisfied with it:

‘Lazy boring TV’

“ A piece of shit, no matter how sparkling it is, is a piece of nonsense. It was sad.

How arrogant people should think.

So, because I made this comment publicly, so I will publicly apologize. To all these people who work every day- I’m sorry.

I always thought I should be able to comment on Studio 10 as part of my job as a media commentator, but the simple truth is that I can never comment without bias.

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So, from now on I will leave a comment for others.

Good luck everyone who’s on the show, it’s time (finally) to move on.

And to score, I think Sarah and Tristan make an amazing team.

Rob McKnight is the former Executive Producer of Studio 10

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