Siggers condemns ‘The Hague Troubles’ | Interior

Siggers condemns 'The Hague Troubles' |  Interior

The CU – which has five seats and is the smallest party in the government coalition – wraps up its election program on Saturday. From a studio in Veenendaal, Segers addressed its members via a live broadcast.

Segger condemns the electoral rhetoric of some parties and refers to the “attacks” launched by other party leaders in recent days. The CU leader is referring, among other things, to CDA leader Wopke Hoekstra’s speech last week. He opened the attack on his coalition colleague during his party congress: “The saved promise is the legacy of 10 years of VVD. Therefore, this party cannot make the required change. They want to trim the frayed edges, but this is not enough. We have to change course.”

“I saw colleagues who were already busy forming and may have seen themselves as a minister or even a prime minister,” Segers said on Saturday. “But now it’s not about the small, the Hague squabbles, but the big choices.”

These options include elder care, a more generous refugee policy, and “creation care.” “We aim for a climate neutral society. That means less flying, fewer emissions, more sustainable homes, more clean energy and cleaner air.”

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