Showtime for “Star Trek: Discovery”

Showtime for "Star Trek: Discovery"

Season 3 of Star Trek: Discovery is coming to Netflix on October 16.

Netflix confirms this Star Trek: Discovery It launches worldwide on October 16th. In the US, new episodes will be released on CBS All Access on October 15th.

For Netflix, the streaming service may also broadcast Season 3. But the international premiere is always one day after the American show. This means the episodes can be watched in 190 countries of the world, a little behind the rest.

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third season
The third season of Star Trek: Discovery It will start in mid-October. The important point is that the union is no longer the same as it was before, after an event called The burn. As a result, the union largely collapsed. But the Discovery crew decided to return hope to the universe and does everything for it.

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By the way, we are still waiting for the first season of Star Trek: Basements. This series is not broadcast anywhere, except in the United States. Neither Netflix nor Amazon Prime Video purchased its rights.

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