Shipping company Jota Aviation connects Ostend Airport to the UK on a daily basis –

Shipping company Jota Aviation connects Ostend Airport to the UK on a daily basis -

Jota Aviation, in collaboration with logistical partner Priority Freight, is constructing a freight air bridge between Ostend Airport and Birmingham Airport in the UK. The goal of the cargo airlift is to keep supply chains moving and quickly address any disruptions and delays at ports as a result of Brexit.

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The partnership comes after the UK leaves the European Union at the end of 2020. Delays can lead to major problems for shipping that require fast and efficient transportation such as medical transportation, goods with a limited life or goods used in various production processes. Two flights per day Jota Airlines is tentatively planning two daily flights from Birmingham to Ostend starting January 4. Operationally, the flights will be carried out by BAe 146 Freighter. Jota Airlines has the ability to respond flexibly to demand which is dependent on further developments in Brexit. In this way, the capacity can be increased or decreased in a very short time if required. Ostend Airport is pleased with the airport’s cargo developments. The proximity to the UK and highways leading to emergencies in France, the Netherlands, and the rest of the European mainland, combined with flexibility, is a huge advantage for the airport.

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