Shell CFO is leaving Shell, about to move to London | Financial issues

Shell CFO is leaving Shell, about to move to London |  Financial issues

For US company Uhl, a long-term move to the UK “due to family circumstances” is not possible, Shell said a day after the group announced its departure from the Russian state-owned companies.

Uhl has worked at Shell for seventeen years. She has been on the supervisory board of US investment bank Goldman Sachs since July of last year.

Shell moved its headquarters to London at the end of last year. Dutch CEO Ben van Beurden and chief financial officer Uhl have been working in the British capital ever since. The company said Uhl will stay until June 30 for a smooth transition, but it will leave Shell after that.

Engineer, Internal Trainer

Briton Gorman, who was educated at Oxford and was originally an engineer, came from California’s Aira Power Corporation, which was founded in 1997.

She is currently the Executive Vice President of Finance for Shell’s global exploration and production division, oil and gas exploration and production, including transportation infrastructure. I worked in recent years from The Hague.

Jessica first worked at Citibank in San Francisco from 1990 to 1996, later with the energy company Enron in the United States, which went bankrupt in 2001. Then the American joined Shell at that time with the department of sustainable energy products.

Subsequently, Uhl moved internally and became Head of Financial Reporting, then CFO for several Shell divisions, and eventually the CFO became CEO Ben van Beurden’s right-hand man. There it had to apply unprecedented restrictions on the distribution of profits for Shell.

restructuring arranged

In recent years, Uhl has also led the restructuring of the Shell conglomerate, including the removal of the dual Anglo-Dutch structure with A and B shares.

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Uhl and Shell’s boards are under fire from activist investors like Third Point. This Daniel Loeb fund insists that Shell is rapidly dividing itself into a fossil and sustainable company. This will give the shareholder more value and accelerate Shell to become a sustainable company.

Post-opening Shell stock is trading at a loss of 0.6% on Euronext Amsterdam.

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