She did not attend Prince Philip’s funeral, but M.

Ze was niet aanwezig op de uitvaart van prins Philip, maar Meghan Markle liet toch van zich horen

Things may have been said that don’t lead to good relationships within the family, but on a day like today, you should be able to put that aside. So did Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s 39-year-old wife.

The move of Prince Harry and Meghan to the United States continues to bother many Britons. Not Harry but his wife is considered by many to be responsible for that trip from England. The fact that she was not there today because her pregnancy prevents her from traveling by a gynecologist is considered a feeble excuse by many.

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Nevertheless, she showed her best by sending a handwritten card to the royal family with honest statements of support.

Meghan currently still lives in the United States, where she has a home in California with her husband Prince Harry. Harry traveled alone to his home country to attend the party. But on the day of the funeral, she had a wreath and an ID. It is not clear if Harry was aware.

nice hand writing

It is also not clear if the flower arrangement was finally placed in the church.

The wreath was designed by Willow Crossley, who also created the floral arrangements for Harry and Meghan’s wedding.

According to friends, in the British media, Megan wrote the cards. They say “She has a beautiful streak, and she took a calligraphy course.”

Protocol in Britain was core to the meeting between Harry and his brother William and initially did everything in his power to keep them both away. But after the party, the two brothers left the church side by side. As if nothing had happened before.

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