Several new series are on Netflix as of this January

Several new series are on Netflix as of this January

All of this will be new to Netflix next January 2021.

Netflix has already announced its new series listings for January much earlier than usual. Let’s start right away.
January 1

Power Rangers Best Morphers: Season TwoA New Generation of Secret Agents Must Stop Ruthless Computer Viruses and Its Soldiers From Stealing Secrets.
Modern Family: Season 11In this series, we follow three families and all of their strange behaviors. By the way, last season, the series ended in the United States.

January 8

Thermos : A Contemporary Adaptation of the Classic French Tale of Arsène Le Pen, a noble thief and professor of disguise.
Inside the toughest prisons in the world: Sizen 5: This series takes you to the toughest prisons in the world.

January 13

Night Stalker: The Search for a Serial Killer: Under the magic of 1985, Los Angeles hides a brutal sinister serial killer. In this true crime story, two detectives are not comfortable until they are injured.

January 15

Dawson Creek: Season 1-6The Ideal Dawson and his family have a lot to deal with.

January 22

Fate: Winx Saga: A group of fairies learn to use their magical powers in a dangerous world.
Blown Away: Season TwoSubmitted by the popular science YouTube website Nick Uhas, aka America’s Got Talent and Big Brother.
Jurassic World: Cretaceous Camp (Cizuen 2): A dynamic youth crew plays the sounds of an adventure series where a group of children must work together to survive on Isla Nublar.

In January

Unfortunately, this series can also be viewed without a release date in the Netherlands.
Cobra Kay: Seizen 3: Daniel Larsow and Johnny came decades later karate Kid To face each other again.
Netflix’s successor: It was a difficult year. Fortunately, we look back happily.

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Riverdale: Season 5 (from January 21)Archie has all kinds of adventures in Riverdale and he has to deal with everything that goes into the life of an average teen.
Snowpiercer: Season 2 (starting January 26): Humanity lives in a train that circulates around the world, because the planet has become uninhabitable.

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