Five Orange Handball Players In Compulsory Quarantine | Other sports

Five Orange Handball Players In Compulsory Quarantine |  Other sports

The five Dutch international handball players who play at German club Borussia Dortmund were subject to mandatory quarantine this week. Although none of the players have contracted the Coronavirus, they are no longer permitted to play the club’s last two matches before the European Championship preparatory period begins. This is by order of urban health authorities, according to club reports on the site.

In Dortmund, international players Laura Van Der Hayden, Inger Smits, Merrill Freiks, Rinka Dugendam and Kelly Dulfer are signed. The five are part of Orange’s selection for the upcoming European Championship.

Dortmund played twice in Hungary against Gior last week. After this difference in the Champions League, three players and one of the Hungarian club employees tested positive for the Corona virus. After that Dortmund tested all players twice and was able to score negative, but Dortmund GGD nevertheless ordered that the entire team must be in home isolation until November 21.

Orange handball players meet next Monday in Papendal and then start preparing for a European tournament, which is still not definitively confirmed that it will take place. Norway withdrew as host this week due to the increase in injuries in the country. Denmark is ready to take in the entire tournament, but still wants to know a few things. “Getting things organized this quickly is complicated,” said Peer Berthelsen, president of the Danish Handball Federation. “But if we do that, we want to do it well. There has to be clarity at the end of the week.”

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National coach Emmanuel Mayonadi has a week and a half to prepare his team for the first match in the European Championship, on December 4, against Serbia. Holland is the world champion.

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