Series # 1 most-streamed this week

Series # 1 most-streamed this week

Sheets Creek is the best in the United States, more than anything else.

New week, top ten new movies and series. This week we see a very different view in the United States.

Nielsen releases a new list of most-watched movies and series on streaming services every time. Netflix often takes the top spot. That’s right again this week, with a great number 1. Chet Creek (It cannot be broadcast here in the Netherlands) attracted many viewers in the United States. That’s while the series has been on Netflix for three years there.

The boys
The only series that is not in the top ten and is from Netflix in the US is The boys From Amazon Prime Video. As for the Netherlands, more addresses from the top ten cannot be exclusively offered through Amazon, but are also available from other services. Most of the series are on Netflix or Prime Video.

Below you can view the top ten.

1. Sheets Creek (80 episodes) – 968 million minutes
2. The Office (192 episodes) – 929 million minutes
3. Blacklist (152 episodes) – 852 million minutes
4. Grey’s Anatomy (361 episodes) – 852 million minutes
5. Ratcheid (8 episodes) – 791 million minutes
6. American Murder: Family Next Door (1 episode) – 778 million minutes
7. Boys (15 episodes) – 655 million minutes
8. Criminal Minds (277 episodes) – 604 million minutes
9. NCIS (353 episodes) – 584 million minutes
10. Enola Holmes (film) – 573 million minutes

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