Searching for Sheila: Hypocrisy Anarchy

Searching for Sheila: Hypocrisy Anarchy

Let’s get straight to the point: Searching for Sheela is by no means a sequel to the captivating Wild Wild Country game released in 2018. This six-part set under a critically zooming lens places the questionable concerns surrounding the Bagoan and his right-hand man what Anand Sheela, the search for Sheila is an image of slavery of a woman who was convicted in the United States in 1986, among other things, fraud, immigration and poisoning. The lion’s share of the film consists of a trip Sheila makes to India in 2019, where she makes money during talk shows and parties organized by the Indian Aircraft Group.

The Indian-born former secretary has become popular in her home country, having not been around for more than 35 years, in fear of being arrested for her affair with Bagoan. But the person organizing the trip for her soon says that Sheila will not be hampered in India. So she travels to New Delhi, where Bobo tells her that she is as popular as Game of Thrones. It also immediately clarifies what Sheela’s intention is: to benefit as much as possible from her renewed fame in India in a short time.

In that respect, the search for Sheila is a series of media appearances in which intelligent people are still – and we must not forget the terrible things she has in her balance, and many Indian popo have accidentally forgotten – second Osho barely answers pressing questions. Do you regret it? Instead, it is her meaningless meditations that prevail; Sheila makers are presented as a kind of philosopher. Prophet runs after decades Foundation for the Disabled in Basel. Where she may have found the redemption that the Bogus could never give her.

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But you shouldn’t call this messy work a documentary. Just like Sheela herself, the movie mainly tries to capitalize on the Wild Wild Country’s popularity. This is something that can be won easily, and it is clear.

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