Schiphol asks airlines to cancel flights today due to congestion | interior

Schiphol asks airlines to cancel flights today due to congestion |  interior

Schiphol Airport has asked a number of airlines to cancel flights departing from the third departure hall. These are the flights that depart today between 4pm and 11pm.

It’s busy at the airport again. Due to the lack of staff in security, there were long queues for the first and third departures this morning. Due to the shortage of security personnel, the number of passengers waiting in the third departure hall in particular is increasing.

At one time, waiting times were two to three hours. A spokesman for Schiphol said he regretted the situation. “After several weeks of improvement, we did not expect to have to take this measure. The vast majority of travelers are making their trip, but it is now so busy that this measure is necessary.”

Mainly for budget airlines

Low-cost airlines mainly fly through the third departure hall, including Transavia. The airline had announced that it would cancel two flights in the early evening to Paris Orly and Porto. According to a spokesperson, about three hundred to four hundred passengers will not be able to travel to their destination. Schiphol announced that it will compensate airlines that comply with the request.

Corendon indicates that it will not cancel flights, despite Schiphol’s request. “No cancellation or change is made on this short notice. Especially since people should go back to the Netherlands as well,” a ministry spokesman said.

According to TUI Airlines, Schiphol’s call to cancel flights is causing “unnecessary confusion among travelers”. The airlines have two more flights scheduled today, to Curaçao and Tenerife respectively. “We are doing everything we can to allow passengers who are still in line to catch the plane,” a spokeswoman said.

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Marechaussee says she is on extra alert because of the crowds at the airport. So far, a spokesman said, “there have been no major accidents.”

Passengers who miss their flight due to long queues can report to Schiphol for compensation.

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