Saves transportation for thousands of vulnerable people, MVI makes a fresh start

Saves transportation for thousands of vulnerable people, MVI makes a fresh start

Oosterhout’s bankrupt charity Mobility for Everyone (MVI) is making a fresh start. The Limburg organization Saam Doet Het will take over the activities. Curator Flor Wertenbrock from Waalwijk announced this. With the restart, more than eighty care organizations, especially in the south of the Netherlands, can continue to take their vulnerable and disabled clients to day care, for example.

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Mobility for Everyone has been supplying discount buses to healthcare organizations since 2014. Two years ago, the organization was discredited after two managers transferred more than €1 million from the organization’s account to their bank account.

“It was kind of a sweat, but it worked.”

Tax and Customs still owe millions in MVI. Earlier this month, the court declared her bankruptcy. As a result, the transportation of ten thousand underdogs had been hung by a thread. A solution had to be found before 1 December. And he arrived. Curator Wertenbrock: “It was a bit of a sweat, but we made it.”

The new owner ‘Saam Doet Het’ is also a provider of care conveyance services. MVI activities from Oosterhout will continue. The 14 laid-off employees can return to work. In December, further agreements will be concluded between the health care organizations, the leasing company and the new owner of MVI. The exhibition curator confirms that “transportation to thousands of customers will continue.”

“If transportation is lost, activities also stop.”

Miel in ‘t Zand from Topsport for Life in Eindhoven says they are very happy that they can keep their care bus. Did not expect to be captured MVI. He replies: “Sometimes it’s against, but now it’s okay.” “This is really good news, especially for smaller healthcare organizations. If transportation is lost, activities will also stop.”

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The Foundation organizes group activities and trips for people with a life-threatening illness. The sponsorship bus that the Foundation had acquired on loan from MVI was much needed for this. “We have planned activities with the guests next month and a bus trip to Spain is scheduled to continue in January. It’s great that this is still going on.”

According to In ‘t Zand, it is still unclear under what circumstances the organization might keep the bus. “We will only fully rest when everything is clear and we know if we can continue the contracts as they are now under the same conditions. Because if they become more expensive, problems will arise anyway.”

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