Ryan Reynolds taps Rick Moranis in a new Mint Mobile ad

Ryan Reynolds taps Rick Moranis in a new Mint Mobile ad

Ryan Reynolds knows good acting when he sees it.

“Deadpool” performer snatched “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” star Rick Moranis out of obscurity and played alongside the actor in the latest Mint Mobile commercial.

“So what do you want me to do? You want me to say something about Mint?” Moranis, 67, explores Reynolds, 43, in a confused tone after his introduction. “I really should have a phone.”

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As the couple stand in a mint field, “Ghostbusters” star Reynolds straight up asks, “So why am I here?”

“I’m a huge fan,” says Reynolds. “Huge”.

Rick Moranis returns to Honey, the privilege of children has shrunk

“This is?” Moranis asked before exiting the left stage. He said, “Oh look.”

In a statement to People magazine, Wednesday, Reynolds said he was amazed at the opportunity to work alongside Moranis, despite his short 42-second spot.

He said, “Like many Canadians and humans, I adore and adore Rick Moranis.” The brain and the heart. “

“Ghostbusters” star Rick Moranis joined forces with Ryan Reynolds in the latest Mint Mobile ad. (Mint mobile)

Reynolds continued, “We asked Rick to do it 8 days before filming, sort of, but after a few emails and chatting, he agreed.” “He was amazing. Everyone in the group was totally a superstar, most of them are mine. We are so grateful he’s back and we hope he stays there.”

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Why “honey, I have trimmed child star Rick Moranis leaving Hollywood.”

Moranis distanced himself from Hollywood after the death of his wife, fashion designer Anne Bielsky, who died in February 1991 of breast cancer. The couple had two children: Rachel and Mitchell.

He told The Hollywood Reporter in 2015 that his absence was never a retirement.

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He said, “I took a break that turned into a longer break.” “But I’m interested in anything I find interesting. I still get inquiries every now and then about a movie or TV role and as soon as someone comes in that interests me, I probably will.”

A reboot of “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” is currently in action at Disney with Josh Gad as Moranis’ son.

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