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Ryan Gosling has always learned to carry Skittles with a new action movie |  Movies and TV shows

Ana de Armas is happy to play the independent action hero

For Gosling, this is the first time he’s taken the lead in a real action movie. The fight scenes were difficult for him. “And this movie is also a little bit more extreme than a normal action movie. Most of them have maybe five or six big action scenes, there’s gray man up to nine.”

Ana de Armas, from gray man Gosling’s opponent has already gained some experience with the movement type. She already played a role in the James Bond movie last year No time to die. in gray man She plays an agent who works independently of her male colleagues.

“Her role in the film is separate from the other characters,” the 34-year-old Cuban says. “She’s not the liking of any of the men. No love story has been forced into it. Whether that will remain that way in the future remains to be seen, but I love that in this movie all the attention is focused on her work. I think it’s a really strong approach to a female character in Action movie, she’s the equivalent of Ryan’s character.”

gray man It will be available on Netflix starting Friday, July 22nd.

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