Rutti: Not with PVV in the new locker | Policy

Rutti: Not with PVV in the new locker |  Policy

Roth cited no reason why he did not want to work with PVV. He just answered “No, yet,” to the question whether he still didn’t want to cooperate with the Freedom Party.

In the previous election in 2017, the PVV led by Geert Wilders was not an option for Root as a potential coalition partner. At the time, this was partly in response to “less Wilder’s statement” about the Moroccans.

Wilders has already responded on Twitter to the new disqualification by the VVD. “Roti wants to move left,” he writes. More immigration, more Islam, higher taxes, and more unaffordable climate drama. Only a large PVV could keep Olongren, Claver and their partners out of the closet. ”

Wednesday evening he told it on the TV show In 1 He does not want to form a government with the Democracy Forum. The prime minister responded to the new controversy at the forum, after Thierry Bodt had racist and anti-gay WhatsApp messages. “I didn’t really expect it to happen, but after these terrible texts … it fits into the picture that we’ve seen of him for some time now, but now it’s impossible nationwide to sit in a closet with him,” says Rutte.

According to the leader of the VVD, these apps “cross all boundaries”, they are “extremely disgusting, anti-gay, racist, and really terrifying. Collaboration with Mark Rutte with VVD is not possible. It will not happen.”

In opinion polls, VVD remains the largest party with around 40 seats, followed by VVD with around 20 seats. The forum has about 3 seats.

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