Rutte IV only on 52 skinny seats, FVD, PVV and BBB in the lift

Rutte IV only on 52 skinny seats, FVD, PVV and BBB in the lift

The government coalition had to give up three more hypothetical seats last week. If there were an election today, VVD, D66, CDA and ChristenUnie together would have won a meager 52 seats. This means that support for Rutte IV is now completely gone.

For a long time it seemed that VVD could make anything. Rutte and his friends make a mess, don’t care about the citizens, plunge entire families into financial misery, but somehow the VVD remains in over 30 seats. Well, that time is over. Because the VVD now has to settle on a virtual 25 seats in the latest Maurice de Hond poll. And the D66? The Dutch MeToo party has only 13 seats.

This means that the VVD has lost 9 hypothetical seats since last year’s election. The D66 had to deliver more: 11. Those are hugely impressive numbers – although of course the parties were up to the wrong way. Because you don’t see these kinds of losses very often, and certainly not in parties that are just starting a “new” coalition. Ironically, these two parties lost more seats than the Christian Democrats. That should give up 8 virtual seats. Only this party is much smaller because the Christian Democrats started with just 15 seats.

The winners

Of course, if there are losers, there are hypothetical winners. And yes, that is true. Because in the last week, the values ​​of FVD, PVV, and BBB went up. These 3 parties got 3 additional seats together; Exactly the number waived by the coalition.

Therefore, for the FDD, this faction will (at least) become as big in the new elections as it is now. Meanwhile, for the BBB, this party is much larger than its main competitor; The party she is actually replacing: the Christian Democratic Party. And finally the PVV: Geert Wilders and his followers are back in the country’s second party with great ease in this new poll.

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Good news, of course. The only bad news? There may not be new elections coming for long.

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