Rutte Criticizes Right: No Alliance with Buddett Publishes Wilders ‘Anti-Gay and Racism’ and ‘Fugitive’ Wilders | Conversation

Rutte Criticizes Right: No Alliance with Buddett Publishes Wilders 'Anti-Gay and Racism' and 'Fugitive' Wilders |  Conversation

Rota was in crystal clear Friday, during a digital chat with reporters from De Gelderlander: It does not change course. The PVV was named a left-wing party, it is a version of the Socialist Party, and it is only entitled upon emigration. And he believes there is no country to sail with Baudet.

“Nobody can blame me for not trying to cooperate with PVV. In 2012 I tried it. We were in a severe crisis: our national debt peaked, our unemployment peaked, our impotence peaked. Then Wilders ran like Zoff de Haas out of Catchways. That was the time.” Who had to be taken drastic measures.

“You cannot escape as a big, serious party. Now that I read his show, nothing has changed and will happen again. In addition, he made this statement in 2014 about fewer, fewer and fewer Moroccans. Then she says to an entire population: I’ll put you away and I think this is …” Horrible. “

I need fewer words for Boudt. “If I now see her boss recently issued clearly racist messages, without more homophobia and anti-Semitism, it gets very complicated. I wouldn’t sit in a closet with someone spreading such racist and anti-gay nonsense. I really wouldn’t do that.”

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