Room: Energy compensation for more people, instead of a kilometer arrive faster

Room: Energy compensation for more people, instead of a kilometer arrive faster

The majority of members of the House of Representatives are calling for far-reaching measures to compensate for the rise in energy prices. Several parties have proposed an early increase in the tax-free mileage allowance for people who drive or use public transportation at work.

The tax credit is set at 19 cents per kilometer for years. It was agreed in the alliance agreement that this would increase in 2024, although it is not yet clear to what extent. Government parties, as well as parties such as PVV, PvdA, JA21 and Group van Haga now want to introduce this measure earlier, as it emerged during a debate about lower purchasing power due to higher energy prices.

In this way, business or business travel should remain affordable, as prices at the pump are skyrocketing.

19 to 23 cents

VVD MP Eelco Heinen believes the kilometer allowance could be increased to around 23 cents per kilometer next year. “It doesn’t sound like much, but for an average passenger it’s 50 euros a month,” he reckons.

It is not yet clear how the increase in travel allowance should be paid earlier. In any case, Heinen wants to use the money freed up through the earlier repeal of the so-called Jubelton, in which parents can give their children tax-free money to buy a home.

Heinen: “So don’t donate cheaper and then refuel cheaper.”

Allowance for a larger group

The Chamber of Deputies also wants to see if more low-income people can be made eligible for the €800 subsidy to ease the pain of high energy bills.

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Municipalities may transfer this amount to about 800,000 families who must live on a maximum of 120 percent of the social minimum. The majority of House members want to know if this limit can be raised to 130 percent of the social minimum. It is not clear how many people will be assisted and what it will cost.

Representatives only spoke in the House tonight. It was previously agreed that the Cabinet would not respond until tomorrow. It must also then be clear whether the government supports the wishes of the House of Representatives.

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