Robin Bornman: I have more energy than ever, I’m really hungry

Robin Bornman: I have more energy than ever, I'm really hungry

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OSS | Robin Bornman won the popular TV show We Want More last year. But what is Osse’s life like after ten months? A conversation about singing for thousands of people in America, writing your own work in a “temporary studio” and musical dreams.

Recently A “home match” was scheduled for Bourneman. However, the evening at Groene Engel was canceled at the last minute due to Storm Eunice. “It’s a shame, because we trained hard for it. The show now goes into June and then we’ll eat it up a bit.”

His Dutch tour resumed on February 12 at P60 in Amstelveen. “A charming evening. The show gave me a lot of energy. Anyway, the performance feels great. Nowadays I like it more than composing music myself.” The tour will take place all over the Netherlands in the coming months.” It is a true Robin Bornmann show with a lot of my own works from my albums. From my quietest song to the most intense work. There are also many covers. I’ve always sung covers and I’ve done so with We Want More. Great songs like Skyfall or Soldier On. The covers are recognizable by the audience.” He continues, “I can consider myself lucky to have my amazing band. They can really play anything. It’s so good that I’m actually the weakest link,” he says with a laugh.

diverse audience
Thanks to his earnings from We Want More, a wider audience discovered Bornman. “I can see that in the halls I’m in. There are more young people, but actually my audience is very diverse. Music lovers who like to take the time to discover something.”

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Did he take a different approach to life after winning We Want More? “Before we wanted more, I started thinking a bit more commercially. After I released ‘Folklore III: The Cradle Tree’ in 2019, I needed a more open sound. I also listen to more other music than I did before. I want Incorporating these influences into my music a little more. After “we want more”, I’ve had a business mindset for a while, but quickly walk away from it. I feel it right away if I don’t fully endorse it. I want to make music more accessible, but I’ll keep writing lyrics Poetics and symbolism of fairytale music.

a new album
In addition to performing, he is busy writing and composing music for his new album, mostly in his studio in the attic of his home in Oss. It is scheduled to be released in October this year. “I’m back at work and I feel like getting creative. I want to make big strides with the new album. Introduced: I haven’t conquered the Netherlands yet and that’s my plan. But how nice it would be to tour in the future, for example, in Belgium, Germany, Belgium. I have energy. More than ever, I’m hungry.”

In recent months, Bornman has been in America, where he caused a stir as a singer for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. This was the eighth time he went to the United States. “It was amazing, I don’t think there is a single band in the world doing such an intense tour. In 6 weeks we had 53 shows. It seems disrespectful, but I had to check my newspaper regularly to see what city we were in. Despite cases The many Coronas – in America too – we have remained healthy. We have followed the rules correctly.”

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thousands of visitors
He sang in America to thousands of people. “We were often in small stadiums, comparable to AFAS Live. I am so grateful we were regularly allowed to stand in front of 15,000 or 20,000 people. Yes, you get used to that at some point, but I still realize that’s great. What is an American audience like? It’s definitely different from Europe. The audience is very diverse. You see whole families, but also strong rock music. They are very nice people and they have a heart for musicians. You often see them buying merchandise.” Given the success, we’ll see more of Bornman in America in the future. “I’ll be back in October and I won’t worry about that for years to come.”

As he put it, switching from massive public interest in America to the club’s tour of the Netherlands requires absolutely no effort. “I see America as kind of a movie. They hired me because of my voice and maybe because of my face. Here in Holland I’m doing my own music and my own band. It’s definitely not like work, but it’s my passion.”

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