Robert Pattinson resumes shooting Batman!

Robert Pattinson resumes shooting Batman!

According to Variety, Robert Pattinson was approved to resume production Batman After testing positive for COVID-19. Production was paused on September 3 as Pattinson went into self-isolation for 14 days with cast and crew members who had been in close contact with the star.

“follow onBecause A gap to quarantine precautions for COVID-19, filming has now resumed on The Batman in the UK, A spokesman for Warner Bros. Port.

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Starring alongside Batman Robert Pattinson / Bruce Wayne is Zoe Kravitz (Fantastic Beasts: Grindelwald Crimes, Mad Max: The Road to FuryAs Selena Kyle; Paul Danu (Love and compassion, 12 years old a slave) As Edward Nachton; Geoffrey Wright ( hunger Games Movies) as James Gordon at GCPD; John Tortoro ( transformers Movies) like Carmine Falcon; Peter Sarsgaard (The Seven Wonders, Black mass) As Gotham DA Gil Colson; Jamie Lawson (Goodbye OmarAs a Candidate for Mayor Bella Real; With Andy Serkis ( Planet of the Apes Movies Black Panther) As Alfred; And Colin Farrell (Fantastic monsters and where to find them, Dumbo) As Oswald Cobblepot. Twins Max and Charlie Carver also joined the film in “big roles”.

During DC FanDome, Reeves confirmed that the film will focus on Bruce Wayne’s second year as Batman and, according to Walter Hamada, that the film is In a different world Separate from Justice Squad DCEU Personalities. Reeves also revealed that the film is a detective story that follows a series of murders that open up the history of corruption in Gotham and how the Bruce family is related.

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Reeves and Dylan Clark ( Planet of the Apes Films) for the film, with Simon Emanuel, Michael E. Oslan, Walter Hamada, and Chantal Nung Phu as executive producers.

Batman It opens in theaters October 1, 2021.

Batman (2021)

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