Ringo Starr: Charlie Was Stronger Than Me (Interview)

Ringo Starr: Charlie Was Stronger Than Me (Interview)

With the documentary get back On Disney+, the Chest Collection Let it be In stores, his EP change the world On music services and even a new US concert tour is Ringo Starr this fall all over the place. Not bad for an 80-year-old man who spent half of his childhood in hospitals due to his poor health.

Photo Scott Robert Ritchie

“When Covid started, I asked fans to keep their tickets,” Ringo said at a Zoom conference with music journalists. I couldn’t imagine it would take so long. Of course I don’t know how it all goes, but if possible I’ll go on tour next year.

He says making music has kept him going during the lockdown. I have a studio in my house. At first I made a lot of music by sharing digital files. With Linda Perry for example. You sent me the track come undone With guitar, bass and singing. I added my drums and my voice to that. There was also a single piece in it. Linda sang there she sounded like a trombone.

Then we asked Trombone Shorts to fill it up. It worked wonderfully. When more people were vaccinated, I started inviting musicians into my house again. Those were productive sessions. change the world It is the second EP to be released this year. I think it’s a great format: four manageable songs. The entire album becomes such a project again.

He maintains that the message Ringo is sending to the world is not new, but it is still valid. “I live here in the United States in fortune, but half the world still has hardly anything to eat. These people don’t want to come here for nothing. And if we continue to pollute the world in this way, breathing will also become more difficult. Being kinder to each other, respecting refugees and protecting our environment. Peace and love, change the world“.

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His friend Charlie Watts, drummer for the Rolling Stones, died in August. “May Allah bless him. Charlie did a great job because his band was more difficult to keep together than mine.

According to legend, the Beatles and The Rolling Stones were behind each other, but nothing could be further from the truth. “Charlie lived near London and we met each other often. I can tell you wonderful stories about him. For example, I remember that at one party we tried a drum set with John Bonham. The thing stood slack on the floor and slid in all directions. At one point the drummers of The Beatles and the Stones turned off the drum kit that Led Zeppelin was hitting.At the time you didn’t have cell phones or TikTok, otherwise the video would definitely have gone viral.

on the roof

The Beatles legend is being fed again this fall through the documentary series get back. I am very happy with it. The original movie was built around one incident where we got into an argument. This makes this movie very bleak and definitely not the way I lived it at the time. In my memory it was a very fruitful period as we recorded a whole new album in one month and did a great performance.

In Peter Jackson’s version, you already see that we’re going slow. But gradually we get the ghost and one song after another comes. And finally, there’s this rooftop performance of the Apple Building, which plays a funny police role. I enjoyed it. But yes, I’m in it myself…”

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Ringo Starr’s CHANGE THE WORLD EP will be released September 24. The BEATLES: Get BACK will be available on Disney+ starting November 25.

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