Ridley Scott attacks youngsters and their techniques for his recent failure

Ridley Scott attacks youngsters and their techniques for his recent failure

in, in Alien, Blade Runner from de wrestleremployment Regisseur Ridley Scott He thinks he took another hit with his latest movie. Unfortunately, in the end, not everything went as planned. Yes The last duel received critical acclaim, The spectators did not follow. Then the director is completely convinced of this failure Guilt of young people and their new technologies.

Ridley Scott pays another shout

he met The last duelRidley Scott’s signature Another important success factor. His latest movie looks forward to drama and historical stages The five-star cast consists of Matt Damon (Jason Bourne), Jodi Comer (free manand Adam Driverstar Wars). However, it was not enough to convince the audience to come and watch the film in the cinema.

While no one questions Ridley Scott’s talent as a director, everyone agrees that his last movie wouldn’t mark his career. The last duel Failed to exit. Especially from the United States. The 83-year-old director talked about this on his podcast What is this nonsense employment He blamed the youth for this failure.

I think today we have an audience that grew up with these damn cellphones. Millennials don’t want to learn anything unless it’s through a cell phone.

Bad luck?

Ridley Scott is not the first flash of glory. A little over a week ago, the director violently attacked superhero films. must say Since the pandemic, it has become difficult for some productions to find a box office seat.

Passers-by remain cautious when entering dark rooms. And when they go, they watch superheroes or science fiction movies. Like a dark and dangerous movie The last duel You just won’t find his audience.

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However, it is easy to blame the youth and their techniques for this failure, knowing that the director’s fans are far from the “millennial generation”. maybe you can be The last duel we will meet More success comes from streaming platforms. As is now customary, many producers have managed to find a favorite in the catalogs of Netflix, Disney + or even Amazon Prime … In addition, find out that this action movie has now been watched by all the French on Netflix.

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