Rico Verhoeven can shine again on canvas in Bon Bini Holland 3

Rico blijft dichtbij zichzelf in de film Bon Bini Holland 3 (beeld: WW Entertainment Nederland).

Rico Verhoeven continues to expand his acting career. Also this fall we can admire the world kickboxing champion Halsteren on the silver screen, in the third part of Bon Bini Holland.

Riku stays close to himself in the movie. He can show protagonist Robetiko, played by Gandino Asporat, all corners of the ring as a boxing judge. In Bon Bini Holland 3, the American dream of the FC Kippers is central. They leave for the United States after the acquisition of an American fast food giant.

Leading role in a Hollywood movie
But the American dream is nothing new to Verhoeven. He has a leading role in the Hollywood movie The Black Lotus, which he is also co-producing. In the movie, Rico plays a former soldier who dusts off his guns to save his wife. It is not yet known when the film will be shown.

He’s starred before secrecy As Ferry and Rico have had roles in De Film by Dylan Haegens and the Vechtershart and Bluf series. To date Dutch Comedy has been added. Bon Bini Holland can be seen in cinemas from December 9.

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