Review to Russia with love [Netflix]

Review to Russia with love [Netflix]

direction: Veronica Velasco | Scenario: Baby Kalija | spit: Gerald Anderson (Denis), Elena Kozlova (Oksana), Scott Alexander Young (Fyodor), Kakai Bautista (Georgina), ao | game time: 115 minutes | year: 2022

There is an unwritten rule for relationships to flourish: at least in the first six months, everything should be fun and easy. In the later stage, you will get to know each other better, including each other’s weaknesses. When the novelty fades, new spouses begin their first quarrels and partners begin to get annoyed with each other. To motivate that a bit, you could take a test together to Paris or an IKEA cabinet assembly test six months later. Guaranteed brawl.

This is how it usually works in romantic movies, were it not for Filipino love dramas To Russia with love At least fifty minutes are allowed before even a little drama begins – of the light and uninteresting kind. Back in the day, we’d have to watch as handsome Filipino loner Dennis and Russian backpacker Oksana fall for each other and all the time circling each other like wasps on an ice bob in a hot summer.

The two meet in a canoe lesson and end up in the same boat together. It’s clear right from the start that they love each other, but first we have to dig into a whole bunch of hints. Denis takes Oksana to his family, where she immediately feels comfortable. Just when the Russian has to go home and Denis follows her, the two talk about a relationship. Then something of a conspiracy appears. Oksana comes from a wealthy family and her new boyfriend, Fyodor, is not loved by her father at all. creative!

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To Russia with love Suffers from a severe case of plot poverty. Very little happens. When Fyodor and Denis come face to face, a series of comic clashes and misunderstandings unfold. Dennis cooks very spicy food and almost gives his soon-to-be father-in-law a go. Denis breaks Fyodor’s valuables. The Russian drinks the Filipino from under the table and invites him to the judo carpet. This kind of work.

The main language of this mess is mainly English. Oksana speaks Russian with a grammatical accent, which is a very perfect little English with her Filipino flame who also has a Filipino accent. But bad English is no excuse for worse dialogues. Also, the conversations are accompanied by a very bad voice and poor acting, especially from the main actress Elena Kozlova. A special detail is that Dennis is played by Gerald Anderson, a famous Filipino actor who is half-American and also grew up partly in the United States.

[b]To Russia with love Filmed on digital videotape. As a result, this love drama doesn’t look like much nor does it look super cheap. Everything that can go wrong is reviewed in a feature film. In addition, Fyodor has to present the wrong kind of Russian model with all the cliches associated with it. In the closing scene, a plot twist is also announced without anything being done about it. An introduction to those who managed to endure this misery to the end. So you won vodka.

To Russia with love It can be seen on Netflix.

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