review no exit [Disney+] – Review on FilmTotaal

review no exit [Disney+] - Review on FilmTotaal

direction: Damien Bauer | Scenario: Andrew Barrier, Gabriel Ferrari | spit: Havana Rose Leo (Darby), Danny Ramirez (Ashes), David Risdale (Lars), Dale Dickey (Sandy), Mila Harris (Jay), Dennis Haysbert (Editor) | game time: 95 minutes | year: 2022

Former addict Darby escapes from a rehab center and drives a stolen car to Salt Lake City, where her mother is dying. Winter weather has other plans for her, forcing her to spend a poetry-packed evening at a visitor center surrounded by snow in the mountains. Being stuck with other unfortunate road users doesn’t help. In fact, when she finds a girl kidnapped in a pickup truck in the parking lot, Darby realizes that the kidnapper must be among them…

the address There is no way out Particularly appropriate for this story. A girl escapes from a clinic and ends up in a prison of a different kind, where she is locked up with an already unknown criminal. However, in the 2017 book of the same name by Taylor Adams, that wasn’t the case yet. For the film adaptation, which was eagerly purchased after the book achieved bestseller status, beloved college student Darby was turned into a runaway junkie for some extra spice.

Darby plays twenty-five-year-old Havana Rose Leo, who turns his fellow ruthless criminal into a formidable antagonist to a mysterious kidnapper. An exciting winter’s night is long and has many ups and downs that demand a strong acting from the young actress. Leo does her best and is allowed to show many sides of herself, but in many scenes she does not manage to appear sympathetic and believable.

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There is no way out Too much sticks to the conventions of the thriller type. The characters are predictable and often get into very American conversations about their terrain and military past. It gives the film an overly patriotic feel and often makes the topics of conversation difficult for foreign viewers to understand. The whodunit question is due in part to stereotypical characters and strict genre lore, is easy to solve and makes for a long and sometimes boring session, something that uninteresting camera work doesn’t help.

There is no way out It starts from a solid concept, but the implementation is not convincing. The name “sexy popcorn” would have been very appropriate if the movie was to be staged in a play. Released in the US by Hulu and in Europe by Disney+, the movie is clearly meant for an evening of relaxation with or without popcorn. The movie provides great entertainment, and unlike the main character, the viewer can sometimes get away without missing much.

There is no way out It can be seen on Disney+.

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