Result statement: practical tests on waste | what you say

Result statement: practical tests on waste |  what you say

In particular, Orange Day 538 scheduled for April 24th in Breda caused a lot of uproar. “10,000 audience, crazy! Then also close to the hospital,” answered one of the respondents. A small minority believes that test events can be beneficial, but on a smaller scale, “especially in the cultural sector”.

The vast majority think it is right that 538 ultimately did not obtain a permit.

A petition was signed en masse from Amphen Hospital in Breda against the 538. Most respondents, like the petitioners, were afraid of the additional pressure on the already overcrowded hospitals. At least 98 percent of the booth’s participants support the entrepreneurs who were so angry that so many fans were allowed to be at the 538 King’s Day party while their balconies must remain closed.

Mujib, indignant: “A hard-working food man gets a ticket and everything is allowed under the name Fieldlab.”

Most people think it’s illogical that Fieldlab trials are necessary to exit lockdown safely. “Why are you experiencing events? After any event, not everyone is required to take the test afterward. So these tests are of no value,” one responds. Another: “It is unclear what is being investigated, although it costs a lot of money and carries risks. Open stands are more economically beneficial. Then Fieldlab can also look around.” However, there are other clear notes indicating that there are free and free trials at Fieldlab every weekend: “Just see all the demonstrations.”

Poll respondents find it shocking that € 1.1 billion were involved in the events of the trial. Last year it “worked out”. One writes angrily: “So they could spend up to 1.1 billion on this kind of nonsense, but the reward for decent care or salary increases for care workers is not possible. Incomprehensible!”

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The fact that testing is being outsourced to one commercial agency raises many doubts. One participant replied: “I am curious about the stakeholders of the Open Netherlands Foundation.” “Who benefits from this?”

The vast majority agree with calling a group of healthcare officials to the cabinet to stop investing in test events because it is wasting effort. Because if all goes well, almost everyone will soon be vaccinated and the Netherlands can open new doors. Most respondents do not consider the test community to be desirable. Someone explains: “We have to move towards a society in which everyone is vaccinated. Those who do not want this should be able to submit a negative test. If all goes well, the country can reopen again within two months. My test of a billion euros for these two months is very wasted. “

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