Research: D66 supporters do not want to join a minority government with CDA | Policy

Research: D66 supporters do not want to join a minority government with CDA |  Policy

D66 voters do not want their party to join a minority government with the CDA. More than half of supporters (52 percent) prefer a cabinet with only the VVD and D66. This is evident from a study conducted by

The sentiment among their supporters does not make it easy for the parties to find a quick solution in the stalled formation. A majority of VVD voters (61 percent) prefer a minority government from VVD, D66 and CDA. VVD leader Mark Rutte and CDA leader Wopke Hoekstra also expressed this preference. The combination of these three parties can count on 72 seats in the House of Representatives. Without the CDA, the future government would have only 58 seats and it would be difficult to get proposals through parliament.

Both from this study and from a survey by one day Last week, it emerged that most voters favor a minority government to quickly break the impasse of formation. The formation has now been going on for nearly half a year. However, supporters of different parties think differently about what such a government should look like.


The House of Representatives will discuss, on Tuesday, how to proceed with the formation of the new government. A majority coalition cannot be formed that is not blocked by at least one of the parties involved. Former informant Mariette Hammer advises her successor to consider minority cabinets from VVD, D66 and CDA, in any group. Hammer’s successor is likely to be ex-minister Johann Remix.

It is highly doubtful whether a minority government will be formed soon. The D66 has already indicated that it doesn’t feel like much. This party prefers to see the prospects of continuing to form a government that can count on a majority in the House of Representatives. For this, VVD and CDA must drop their resistance to cooperating with PvdA and GroenLinks. If there is a minority government, D66 voters will want the CDA not to participate.

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new elections

Various polls show that the majority of voters do not want new elections. According to opinion polls, they will not solve the current problems. VVD is on a slight gain, D66 is on a slight loss and CDA is threatening to halve. The division of the House of Representatives will remain as great as it is now, as will the reluctance of the parties to work together.’s research shows that most voters want the party they voted for to cooperate with a minority government if it comes up with good proposals. Only supporters of PVV, SP and Forum for Democracy have the most difficulty with this.

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