Repeller man is turned off

Repeller man is turned off

On Thursday morning, Leandra Medine Cohen confirmed that Man Repeller, the site she started in 2010 as a style blog, will be closed. This comes after an earlier announcement that it would back off from day-to-day operations, and that the site’s name would be changed to Repeller.

Last summer, both Leandra and the brand she founded – which celebrated dressing yourself and combining high and low purchases – were publicly criticized by employees for what they perceived as racist and class behavior. The site relaunched on September 9 with a new design, new leadership, and a post titled “Do you notice anything different here?” He spoke optimistically of “more changes to come.” The Repeller continued to post until October 19, but in a Zoom team call on Monday, employees were told the post would be closed.

“I confirm that Repeller, formerly known as Man Repeller, will end its operations and provide employees with end-of-service compensation,” Medin Cohen said in a statement to Cut in a statement, “The company has been self-financed through its operations since it launched ten years ago as a personal blog but due to restrictions Finance, we are no longer able to keep working. “

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