Remkes and Koolmees: Formation will take a few more weeks | the interior

Remkes and Koolmees: Formation will take a few more weeks |  the interior

Remix and Colmes wrote this in a letter to Chamber President Vera Bergkamp on Thursday. And I previously mentioned in a letter that the House of Representatives is tired of the long formation process. “We expect the negotiations to progress well within a few weeks,” Remix and Colmes say. “We are committed to this.” Although the letter does not have a specific deadline, the announcement brings a potential deal before Christmas approaches.

Meanwhile, all important topics were discussed one or more times during the discussions, according to the informants. There is still no agreement on the sub-topics and financial basis. Therefore, the negotiations at this stage have no effect on the budgets of the ministries that the parliament is currently discussing over a period of several weeks.

The Koolmees and Remkes are also looking forward to another session at the Hilversum de Zwalawenberg estate. From November 17 to 19, the negotiators of the four political groups will meet there again.

Both Koolmees and Remkes acknowledge that the formation time is “longer than usual”. They indicate that they understand the impatience of home and society. Earlier this week, Remkes and Koolmees already spoke with Bergkamp about the formation’s slow progress. Then Remix asserted, he said, that although the elections had taken place months earlier, the content had not been discussed for a long time.

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