Remember the main peanut butter: may contain nuts

Remember the main peanut butter: may contain nuts

Peanut butter contains peanuts, but they are legumes, not nuts. So people with a nut allergy should not consume the products, and this is the urgent advice on the website of the Netherlands Consumer Product and Food Safety Authority (NVWA).


If you bought jars of peanut butter, but were not allowed to eat it, you can return it to the relevant store. People who are not allergic to nuts can safely eat these products.

It’s about this bowl of peanut butter

content EAN blade Expiration date production code
Note 100% Cashew Panda Pasta 340 grams 8718907112932 07-2021 014181DN
AH Cocoa Pinda Pasta Natural. Natural Panda Cocoa Pasta 340 grams 871890726773 09-2021 067181DN
Natural jumbo peanut butter 350 grams 88718452378173 12-2021 358081DN
Organic + 100% Peanut Butter 350 grams 8710624292560 11-2021 130181DN
Calvé . Peanut Butter Protein 350 grams .877163893142 05-2022 127181DN
Creamy peanut butter with honey 350 grams 8718265516045 02-2022 105181DN
Peanut paste with cocoa and hazelnut 340 grams .8718907267397 09-2021 067181DN
1 Best Creamy Peanut Butter 600 grams 8710871173070 04-2022 110181DN
Creamy and delicious peanut butter الفول 210 g 8710624219000 10-2021 296081DN
Calvé De Branders Roasted Peanut Butter 210 g 8710522717585 12-2021 L1056M41

Source: Dutch Consumer Product and Food Safety Authority

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