Regency David Byrne American Utopia [VOD]

Regency David Byrne American Utopia [VOD]

Director: Spike Lee | Scenario: David Byrne | Tossing: David Byrne, Chris Guillarmo, Tenday Comba, Angie Swan, E | Year: 2020

As a baby, humans have millions of more connections in the brain than adults, says David Byrne, the charismatic owner of Talking Heads. Why do we lose these links? Byrne does not come up with unambiguous answers, but with his great music, band, adorable poetic lyrics about everyday life and his amazing show, it provides a truly unique way to rediscover just a fraction of this childish connection to the world.

This is not just a musical film, but an exceptional work of art in which philosophical issues, social problems, experimental camera work and unparalleled theater amalgamate into a true trance of color, dance, fun, music and reflection. This artwork is a great gift to humanity, especially at a time when concerts are sorely missed.

Kit of American Utopia It consists of three-meter high beaded curtains and a stage. However, a lot is played out with light and shadow effects and choreography so that no single moment tends to be boring. There is only a movement in the band made up of incredibly talented people. Not only do they play multiple instruments, they also sing and dance at any time. Byrne confirms again during the performance that everything you hear is actually played by the group. It’s unbelievable how complete and complete the audio they create on this stage is.

An important part of the private dance unfolding on stage are Spike Lee’s cameras. Spike Lee captures tight choreography from all angles. There are times when the camera moves along the stage, or shots from the top or the back of the stage and even through the beaded curtains, Spike is still able to capture the tape. Through this pictorial act, you become more and more a part of the dance and increasingly move in trance.

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Address like American Utopia Of course it also means that the political situation in the United States has to be considered. David Byrne encourages his fans to vote, especially locally, because only 20 percent of people do. The band kneels with Colin Kaepernick dropping heavily into the background. However, the most political statement comes during the beautiful performance of Janelle Monai’s song Hell You Talmbout, which includes the names of the many African Americans killed by brutal police. Spike Lee walks out of the concert in the editing process to always show a life-size photo of this person who died. Of course, a scene like this is Spike Lee’s signature and this creates the spooky beauty with the necessary reflection.

he met American Utopia Bern does not offer a utopia. The band’s gray suits could be from a miserable science fiction movie. Nevertheless, Byrne remains optimistic and believes that America can still do great things, although choosing the song “Road to Nowhere” as the end may also contradict these words. For all the social criticism it contains, the performance-induced euphoria is a utopian pleasure of heaven. It is a pity that there are currently no concerts and we cannot (yet) see this movie in the cinema, but this concert recording still manages to make a connection with a common humanity. American Utopia It is a church service, a festival, a museum visit, a pub crawl, a stage show and much more in one. American Utopia It is humanity and art at its best.

American Utopia It can be seen on various streaming services, including Pathé Thuis and Amazon Prime Video.

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