Rats are annoying in Albert Heijn Eindhoven, the shop is closed at the moment

De Albert Heijn aan het Cassandraplein (foto: Tonnie Vossen).
The Albert Heijn on Cassandraplein (Photo: Tonnie Vossen).

The Albert Heijn (AH) branch of Cassandraplein in Eindhoven was closed last Saturday due to the inconvenience of rats. A spokesperson for the Dutch Consumer Product and Food Safety Authority (NVWA) reported that it could take several days to completely clean the property. The supermarket will not open until NVWA approves the situation.

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The agency reported the mouse disturbance on Saturday. “I don’t know who called us,” an NVWA spokesperson said. We went looking and found rat droppings and eaten packages. Furthermore, you should know that mice have urinary incontinence and urinate everywhere they walk. This could jeopardize food safety.”

The issue of rat control and repelling.

“Now it’s important to inspect and clean everything properly. It’s a matter of fighting and especially banishment, so make sure the animals don’t come back. The fact that there are mice roaming a store or home doesn’t always mean anything about hygiene. This is a misunderstanding,” says an NVWA spokesperson. He says mice need little holes, and if they find them, you won’t be so lucky.

Albert Heijn has to hire a pest control company to make the branch free of rats. “The approach also includes that all contaminated packaging should be cleaned,” said the NVWA spokesperson. It is not yet known when people can go shopping again at AH in Cassandraplein in Eindhoven. According to him, “the work is done very hard.”

And it can take days to implement the procedures.”

The implementation of procedures in such cases may take several days. If management is satisfied that they have done everything we can, we will come and take a look.” The light only turns green and the door opens when NVWA gives a signal. For now, customers have to make do with a note on the store door that says “Unfortunately it is closed until further notice due to disasters.” We also apologize for the inconvenience.

No one in the AH branch was willing or able to respond. Staff at other stores in Cassandraplein say they don’t know why the supermarket is temporarily closed.

The AH Building in Cassandraplein is temporarily closed (Photo: Tonnie Vossen).
The AH Building in Cassandraplein is temporarily closed (Photo: Tonnie Vossen).

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