Quarantine will be replaced by testing plan before Christmas

Quarantine will be replaced by testing plan before Christmas

BRitual travel companies are seeing a rise in accommodation bookings for the coming year, as well as a renewed appetite for the festive holidays. Confidence surged in light of the progress of the vaccine and the lifting of the lockdown in England – as well as a new five-day testing regime for arriving travelers, expected to be announced later today.

Jonathan Knight, Founder CoolCamping.com He said December bookings were up 60 percent compared to last year, and posted another increase last week. “Customers are supposed to feel more confident the restrictions will be eased,” he says. Interestingly, despite the noticeable rise in holidays beginning the first two weekends in December and again in the new year, Christmas reservations are weak, which may indicate that people do not expect to be able to Meeting with others at that time. “

“Most of the bookings we get now are actually for 2021, so people are clearly looking to the future. Last November, the average booking was 68 days before that, while this month it jumped to 155 days,” he says. , Which is a major change in behavior. ”

A spokesperson for who Under the straw, Which offers cabins all over the UK, told us: “Reservations are very normal for December of this year. We will now be full on weekends if not for closing so the demand is definitely there. But the bigger story for us is that pre-sales have gone up. Significantly for 2021. People who lost out in 2020 pre-booked luxury beach property for 2021, especially given our flexible reservation policy. ”

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Agent for Cotswold Sanctuaries“Since the start of last week, we’ve had many inquiries about the December holidays. Of all the bookings we’ve made in November, 36% for December and 52% for the first half of next year. The only cancellations we see are in December. (Due to government restrictions, most of them are related to the “rule of six.”

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