Qantas flight sold to anywhere within 10 minutes

Qantas flight sold to anywhere within 10 minutes

Qantas Flight Anywhere is one of the fastest-selling flights in airline history, with all tickets cut within 10 minutes.

The Australian airline has decided to launch a seven-hour scenic route across the country, which will take off from and land in Sydney, amid ongoing travel restrictions.

Departing and returning on October 10, the journey won’t stop anywhere, but it gives passengers a change to enjoy the views of Uluru, the Great Barrier Reef and other landmarks.

There were 134 seats on the Boeing 787, with prices ranging from $ 575 (£ 445) to $ 2,765 (£ 2,145) depending on the class of ticket.

“It is probably the fastest-selling flight in Qantas history,” a Qantas spokesperson said.

People clearly miss the travel and flying experience. If there is a demand, we will definitely consider doing more of these scenic excursions while we all wait for the borders to open. ”

Qantas is re-deploying aircraft purchased specifically for the planned route between the UK and Australia non-stop on 13-hour roundtrip flights from Melbourne, organized by Antarctic Tours.

Passengers are encouraged to pay more than 1,199 AUD (656 GBP) for a 13-hour flight to the frozen continent and back.

Most of the journey takes place over the sea, and about a third of it is spent over Antarctica.

“While over Antarctica, most passengers wake up from their seats and move around the plane, allowing everyone to enjoy excellent viewing opportunities,” the company says.

Environmental activists have harshly criticized the concept of “flying anywhere”.

“It’s a true indication of our addiction to flying that we’re going to be on a flight anywhere,” said Anna Hughes, Flight Free UK director. The Independent.

“We are often told that we cannot live without flights because of what they give us in terms of experiencing and understanding other places and cultures. But all of these journeys that we offer are emissions-free – something we can do without at this crucial time for climate.”

The popularity of these trips is partly due to the fact that Australia’s borders are currently closed to all inbound travelers except for Australians, residents and immediate family members.

It is also prohibited to travel abroad unless citizens are granted an exemption.

The airline’s disclosure of international services indicates that Australia will not open its doors to visitors for the rest of this year nor the first half of 2021.

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