PvdA claims compensation for Timmermans ‘climate costs’ | interior

PvdA claims compensation for Timmermans 'climate costs' |  interior

In the Timmermans plan, Brussels increased its ambition to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases by 2030 to 55 percent in 2030 compared to 1990. Previous research by green calculators from the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL) showed that a “fit 55” plan would hit citizens And companies in the portfolio. If the policy remains unchanged, households will pay an average of an extra €100 per year for energy and an additional €85 for a car as a result of the Timmermans plan.

Higher prices should reduce consumption and lead to a more sustainable continent. But according to PvdA member Thijssen, there are already options for the Dutch government to offset this law. He even argued in the House of Representatives in favor of households. Something that outgoing Foreign Minister Dylan Yecheljos (the climate) cannot promise. She points out that negotiations in Brussels have not yet begun. Holland does not want to be considered in advance, it is their defence.


In the Chamber of Deputies, hands are not yet united for Pope Timmermans’ green plan. “We are not waiting for climate dictates from Brussels,” says JA21 leader Jost Erdmanns. The cabinet has called for resistance in Brussels and wants the Netherlands to join a possible veto by Poland, which threatens to oppose the plan.

PVV has nothing to do with the plan. The SP is critical and the money is expected to be invested primarily in large companies. Supports GL, D66, PvdA, and Volt. PvdD is particularly interested in new investments in biomass power plants, now that Brussels has not stopped this and considers biomass release essential.

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Timmermans himself wants to entice less prosperous countries to sign on to the plan by creating a new climate fund. But there is a lot of skepticism about this in The Hague: rich countries like the Netherlands will then have to pay more, and that is the fear.

So, VVD member Silvio Erkens doesn’t feel like it. We will no longer be able to compensate the Dutch families, because Europe will redistribute the money to the families in Portugal and Poland. To us, this proposal also sounds like income policy rather than climate policy. The feeling is creeping in that the party’s political color for the European Climate Commissioner may play a role.”

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