Protect Mark from himself, save him, give him peace, for he has lost his way

Protect Mark from himself, save him, give him peace, for he has lost his way

Mark Rota was there on Monday evening News Hour. The expectation was that he would put some “extreme ideas” on the table there about power and counter-power, duplicity and a new managerial culture – in short, about all the magic spells they were shouting for each other at the Binnenhof a few weeks ago. But more was to be expected. Detective Tjeenk Willink said that a “different interpretation of the prime minister” is needed, and now Rutte will consider that.

Let’s start with the last one: that ended unfortunately in complete failure, even though Rota was thinking “deeply”. It turned out that his ability to self-meditate had no name. You might find it tragic, but Roth said he’s a busy guy, so he probably didn’t have the time. The minimal self-reflection for which he managed to find the time led to the conclusion that he is in a very good mood, loves quick decisions and is afraid of losing control. He was also proud of himself.

He also concluded that he “will not suddenly do all sorts of things differently.” This comment led to great confusion for Marielle Tuybek. You actually saw a Sonja Barend graduating from the studio. Because what Rote says doesn’t sound very radical. Rather anti-radical. Where were the extreme thoughts Rota talked about recently on his bike with an upside down hood? Rutte stated that he prefers not to talk about the future, and extremist ideas are simply about the future, as opposed to thinking, which is usually about the past.

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Mark Rutte is a strange case. With sincere eyes, he claims he has radical ideas – and he thinks so himself – while everyone knows that his most extreme idea yet was a new pair of sneakers.

Rota was unpleasant News Hour He didn’t come to think about the past – except that he thought it was a heated debate on April 1 – and not make extreme statements about the future. He just sat there informing the public that he would like to stay in power for another four years. We already knew it, Rutte had been prime minister for so long that he couldn’t imagine a life he was no longer in. He stared anxiously at the end.

In order not to completely embarrass Tweebeeke, the PM, as well as some open doors around the duo, introduced one new idea. He wanted a “club between the cabinet and the council,” which citizens could contact if they were bound in a lawsuit by a government agency. Rotta chatted with this matter, which would give the government “a human face once again”. I thought we already had such a club with the Ombudsman, but that is a misunderstanding. I expect Rutte to discuss the presidency of his new club with the sacred Omtzigt, when he is ready to receive the PM.

Mariette Hammer, former MP for PvdA and current head of the SER, is hired today as the new informant. What is this veteran politician to do?

We want a new administrative culture, and what is newer than a nice, broad, seven-party government? We haven’t seen that before so it’s new anyway and rooted too. Broad coalition with a coalition agreement consisting of three pages A4 and – important! – Without Rutte and VVD. With D66, GL, PvdA, CDA, SP, CU, and Party for the Animals you have 76 seats. Can Rota organize counter authority in the room and act bilaterally?

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Na di News HourI’m sure Monday’s charade: Mark Rota must be protected from himself. Hand him over and give him a rest, as he has lost his way.

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