Professor: “Survey Airport Eelde has a high WC Duck score”

De hoofdingang van vliegveld Groningen Airport Eelde (Foto: ANP)

Professor of applied statistics and data visualization, Casper Albers, doesn’t want to hear about it. “I’ve never seen such a high rated” We’re From WC Duck. “

Together with some students from the Hans University of Applied Sciences, the foundation launched a survey on what residents of North Holland think about Groningen Elde Airport. The survey revealed that 78 percent of 2,800 survey respondents consider having their own airport in the north of the Netherlands important. “A very good result,” says friends of board member Roel Hazwinkel. The airport itself is also pleased with the result.

Bias, tendency

The survey can be completed on the website of Friends of Groningen Elde Airport, which was subsequently distributed via newspapers, local websites and via social media. According to Casper Albers, this is where the biggest problem lies.

People who want to stay informed about VGAE via social media are generally people in front of the airport. They were undoubtedly overrepresented in the results.

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Instructive question

Another problem, according to Albers, is the question. “It’s sometimes quite a guide.” Albers found the question about airport inconvenience particularly strange. Eighty percent of respondents disagree (strongly) with this statement.

The issue of inconvenience is only interesting if you put it among the people who live directly around the airport. This isn’t fun for people who live in Emmen or Sneek, for example, because they live so far from the airport that they naturally don’t experience any inconvenience.

In general, you cannot immediately expect a powerful method from students

Casper Albers is Professor of Statistics at the University of Groningen

On the question of whether people would rather travel via Elde than to another airport: “This is a very open door. Of course, I prefer to travel 10 minutes by bus to the airport than to spend three hours on the train. But this is not evidence that we believe it is We should have our own airport here.

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The fact that the report also contained the logo of the Hans University of Applied Sciences creates confusion. “It gives the impression that strong scientific work has been done here, but this report is definitely not.” Incidentally, Albers doesn’t stress anything to blame the students involved. For example, I don’t know what education they came from. But in general you cannot immediately expect a strong method from the students. Of course they have to learn that, and that’s totally okay.

We just covered ourselves against the hobby

Roel Hazwinkel – Member of the Board of Directors

Hazewinkel admits that this is not scientifically backed research. “But we covered ourselves against the hobby by not doing it ourselves,” he says. We have already engaged students of the Hans University of Applied Sciences, who are supervised by an expert lecturer with experience in the field. The positive number regarding the airport remains. We support the construction of the Groningen airport in Elde and feel supported by this research.

Groningen Elde Airport itself is also pleased with the results of the study. “The results show that there is a lot of support for the airport,” a spokesperson says. We are very happy about that. The research was conducted by students of the Hans University of Applied Sciences, and we have no doubt about the quality they provided. And maybe the next time this professor can help us with research, it will probably be better after that.

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