Prince Harry will be the CEO of a Silicon Valley startup

Prince Harry will be the CEO of a Silicon Valley startup

Now that Prince Harry no longer has to perform royal duties, he has used his spare time to find a new job in the United States (US). He found this at the startup BetterUp, where he will work as an Impact Officer (CIO). The Wall Street Journal announced this.

BetterUp is a San Francisco-based startup. The company was founded in 2013 and specializes in employee mental health. BetterUp also provides life-changing and career-changing care. The Duke of Sussex says in a blog post on BetterUp that he is very happy to be able to start from scratch. “I’m so happy to be part of the BetterUp team and community!” Harry said.

Psychological health

The prince says he fully agrees with the company’s mission. He said, “I am convinced that prioritizing our mental health opens up possibilities and opportunities that we did not know existed in us.” It refers to his private life. “During my life I have learned to translate pain into purpose.”

The job at BetterUp is Duke’s first official position in a private company since his retirement from the British royal family a year ago. Anyway, it seems like a decent job for a guy. He’s talked a lot about mental health in the past.

When Harry was still king, he worked with his brother Prince William, and his wife Kate, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, for a charity called Heads Together. This institution focuses on the mental health of British youth.

A true citizen of the world

Alexei Robicho, founder and CEO of BetterUp, welcomes the prince with open arms. “I look forward to working with Harry,” the CEO said in the same blog post. “As a true citizen of the world, he has dedicated his life to raising awareness of the diverse needs of people around the world and advocating for mental health initiatives.”

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It remains unclear if it is a full-time job. Either way, Harry and his wife Megan have another income. For example, they signed several million contracts with Spotify and Netflix to produce content for them.

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