Precautionary Convict – Evidence 47

Precautionary Convict - Evidence 47

In March 2011, Mayor Eberhard van der Laan announced Top600’s new approach to the Amsterdam municipality: 250 police officers will hunt down 600 habitual offenders on the list, criminals who have committed so-called “High impact crimehas been committed. Not long after, the Van der Laans Safety and Care Center was given access to the Top400 list, which contains only young adults. Prevention is the key word here: whether you’ve actually been convicted of a crime isn’t always relevant. As long as you are “events” High possibilityIf you show enough signs of concern, the municipality asks organizations such as the Police, GGD and Youth Protection to keep a close eye on you.

“It all started with Top600,” says the director. Nirit Peled‘But in the course of making my film I saw the standards become more and more fluid. It took less and less to get those rolls. Would you like some tea?’ Peled in the kitchen of her studio in the center of Amsterdam. It’s a windy day and the big window next to the kitchen table overlooks a broken tram line. There is a sheepskin on the windowsill. “Sit down,” says Peled, and she puts a bowl of gingerbread on the table. -Eating gingerbread My friend says it’s still early for that, even though he’s Dutch.So he should know better, don’t you think?

Peled grew up in Israel and came to the Netherlands over twenty years ago to study at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, where she now teaches. She also directs documentaries, such as Super Jews (2013) and temporary contact (2017), and does regular episodes for them vpro background. her latest movies, moms (BALDR Film/VPRO), is premiering in Idfa – where it’s nominated in the Best Dutch Film category – at the time you’re reading this, but not yet on that turbulent evening in Amsterdam.

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