Porsche pays half a million owners to compensate for excessive consumption | Sentences

Porsche pays half a million owners to compensate for excessive consumption |  Sentences

In the United States, 500,000 owners of American Porsche cars received large compensation after they complained about low fuel consumption.

Almost everyone knows that cars with internal combustion engines consume more fuel than manufactured countries. However, claims against car manufacturers for excessive fuel consumption in Europe rarely result in the buyer being able to return the car, or at least receive monetary compensation. But it is very different in the United States.

Compensation is $1109 per car

In a lawsuit against Porsche in San Francisco, Porsche had to pay nearly 500,000 customers up to $1,109 (about $1,060) per vehicle. According to German broadcaster N-TV, it concerns different models built between 2005 and 2020. The lowest compensation is $250 (about 238 euros).

The damages to the Porsche amount to 80 million dollars

All in all, this will cost the Volkswagen subsidiary $80 million (about €76 million). The reason was a class action lawsuit in which Porsche drivers accused the manufacturer of providing misleading information about fuel consumption. Porsche would have modified test cars during homogenization, a test that determines whether a car meets certain requirements and laws, in a way that results in lower consumption and emissions rates.

More lawsuits

There are several lawsuits pending against the Volkswagen Group, of which Porsche is a part, due to the so-called diesel fraud scandal, which emerged in 2015. Volkswagen admitted at the time that it had tampered with emissions tests, so it appears that cars with diesel engines on In particular it consumes less than it consumes in practice. Volkswagen has had to pay billions in repairs and fines in recent years.

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