Popular bakery changes “Jodenkoek” into “Odekoek”

Popular bakery changes "Jodenkoek" into "Odekoek"

The Davelaar bakery from Alkmaar now sells Jewish cakes under the name Odekoeken. The company believes that the old name no longer matches the zeitgeist.

The buns have been sold in the bakery since 1883. It is not known whether other bakers would adopt the name change.

“We live in an era when equality and inclusion are important values,” the announcement on the website reads. “That is why the name Jodenkoek is no longer appropriate.” According to the bakery, a survey among customers showed that younger generations in particular could no longer find the name.

Bakery Davilar confirms that the taste of cookies has not changed.

‘Excessive caution’

The Central Jewish Consultation in Amsterdam appreciates the name change, but notes that it never insulted the name. A spokesperson for Davillar told NH Nieuws, “Two weeks ago we reported to Davillard about the name change. We appreciate the over-caution, but the name never bothered us.”

According to the organization, there are several readings about the origin of the name. “It probably comes from a Jewish baker, but the name is still grammatically wrong. Then you have to make Jewish cakes, but there is nothing Jewish in the biscuit, it is not kosher for example.”

Other problematic names disappeared in the past. 15 years ago, the name Negro kiss disappeared, and last year HEMA stopped with shrimp, and in Germany the gypsy sauce was banned.

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