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Hacker van het Poly Network geeft aan alles terug te willen geven

yesterday become known That the biggest penetration of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platform at all. More than $611 million worth of cryptocurrency has been stolen. It was one of the biggest breakthroughs in world history Cryptocurrency.

Poly network is a cross chain The protocol connects large networks for DeFi functionality. Three well-known platforms the Poly Network works with are: Ethereum (ETH)and Polygon (MATIC) and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). These three platforms seemed unaffected by the hack.

Hacker says he wants everything back

On Wednesday, the thief came with a Message towards a poly network. He had added a message to the Ethereum transaction stating that he was willing to return all stolen assets.

He stated in the message that he had tried to connect to Poly’s network, but this attempt was unsuccessful. In addition, asks a multi-signature The wallet where he can deposit the amount. These wallets have two or more private keys Required to approve and process a transaction.

Just hours later, the hacker had already deposited about $10,000 USD to the address. Perhaps to test whether everything will be received in good condition. It is hoped that the hacker will act and recover the remaining amount.

Hacker calls himself a “legend”

in another place Message Adding to the bargain, the hacker is very pleased with his actions. He calls himself the “legend” of this biggest DeFi hack ever.

How it could happen that someone got away with such an astronomical amount is still unknown. According to an analyst from the security company SlowMist, Kevin FisherThe hack may be due to a bug cross chain Careers.

Chinese security company BlockSec He has a different opinion on this. According to them, the hack was probably the result of a leak secret key.

The Poly network hack is just the latest in a long line. Unfortunately, it is still very common for DeFi platforms to fall victim to attacks and hacks. Hopefully these platforms will get security in the short term. This sector has huge potential.

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