Poll: I was taking dance lessons

Poll: I was taking dance lessons

In the next five days, feet will rise off the ground again in Amsterdam. in the capital The Amsterdam Dance Event starts today and there are countless events in the city until Sunday. But today’s dance is a little different than it was in dance lessons. Then I learned to twist the waltz or rock ‘n’ roll. Were you in dance class? How cute or awful was that?

Thousands of people will go wild during the ADE. Visitors can enjoy activities, parties, master classes and more this week through Sunday talks about music. There will be a lot of dancing in the coming days and it was no different in the past. Only today’s dance at techno and house parties is a little different from the dance at dance school in the past.

Different dance styles

Many people used to take dance lessons and dance styles have also changed a lot over the years. In the 1950s, the rock and roll dance style came from the United States to Holland. This development became popular in the following years. It was because Chappie thanks danced to the evolution of Dick Clark Show.

Disco dance originated in 1970 and became famous through film Saturday night fever With the corresponding number from the Bee Gees. In the 80s and 90s, breakdancing and street dancing were very popular.

How was that with you? Were you also spinning, waving, and spinning in circles? Did you learn to twist the waltz or rock ‘n’ roll? And do you have fun or terrible memories of dance lessons?

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