Political groups may first agree to the discussion report for publication right Now

Political groups may first agree to the discussion report for publication  right Now

All group heads in the House of Representatives will have the opportunity to inspect the notes and reports the former scouts made about their conversations before they are made public. New scouts Tamara van Arak (VVD) and Water Colmes (D66) notified the House of Representatives this Wednesday evening after requesting all documents for their release.

The two new scouts say they are ready to present to the public all documents requested by the House of Representatives, but they also consider it important for confidentiality that the participants have access to the documents. If the party leader sees something that he does not recognize, the clip can be deleted.

Van Ark and Koolmees assure that they have not made any adjustments or made the identification themselves. They themselves have not yet been able to examine the documents about the failed first poll.

Heads of groups are allowed to read documents, and if they agree, agree to them for presentation to the House of Representatives. The seventeen party leaders can check documents on Thursdays between 9 am and 10 am. The discussion about the failed poll begins at 11 am.

Lots of questions about notes

There are many questions in the House of Representatives about accidentally leaked formation notes, the most striking of which is the most surprising about the position of CDA MP Peter Umtzigt. Even after a week, there is no definitive answer to the question of who is responsible. That is why the parties want all observations of the poll phase in the formation to be made public.

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The debate on the documents was supposed to take place on Wednesday evening, but was moved to Thursday because the House of Representatives demanded more documents.

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