Ploig defends Kravitz after boycotting Verstappen: ‘He made a scapegoat’

Plooij neemt het op voor Kravitz na boycot Verstappen: "Wordt neergezet als zondebok"

Recorded by Jack Pleug for fellow journalist Ted Kravitz. The British reporter came under fire after Max Verstappen and Red Bull Racing boycotted Sky Sports over what he described as a series of insulting statements.

Sky Sports is the largest television team in the Formula 1 circuit, with a British, German and Italian subsidiary. During the race weekend in Mexico, it was announced that Verstappen, and then the other Red Bull Racing leaders, would not speak to any of these versions due to the “disrespectful” way the Dutchman and his team would talk. For example, after the race weekend in the US, a video was shown in which Kravitz refers to Verstappen as “that guy” in his “Ted’s Notebook” video element. He also recalled last season’s final in Abu Dhabi.

Red Bull not in talks with Sky Sports in Mexico

GPFans I understood from Red Bull Racing last Saturday that the boycott was not only used because of these statements, but that this was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Verstappen himself said the following after the race in Mexico: “This whole year there’s already heating and they’re not respectful. One person in particular,” Limburger may have pointed to Kravitz. “At some point that’s enough and I don’t accept it anymore. You can’t live in the past, you have to move on. The atmosphere on social media is toxic and this is making it worse.”

Ted Kravitz

In the Mexican Grand Prix preview, the topic was discussed by men Racing Café From Ziggo Sports discuss. “Ted Kravitz is a pit-walker who always has a sharp edge with his Ted notebook,” began Robert Dornbus. “In this case, he really went too far. It wasn’t objective, he brought up Abu Dhabi again and accused Max of stealing the championship ‘steal it’ from Lewis Hamilton. Look, you’re a Lewis pro because you are the English media… you can. But you just have to stick With the facts. She won that tournament the way it was won.”

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Plooij stands for Kravitz

Ploig spoke with Kravitz on Sunday morning and included him on the show for his ex-teammate: “If you listen carefully to that interview… he walks the ring in his notebook and says it would be a very nice screenplay for a movie. Then the cuts were made. Everyone only hears the last part, in which he says: It could only be that he was robbed. Not Max, but the title. So Hamilton was robbed. Max Verstappen’s full name was never mentioned.”

Jack Pluge


When asked what he meant by that, Ploig replied, “Yes, but wait a minute. It’s been greatly reinforced by these Englishmen. The English press has been attacking Red Bull and Max for years, and I don’t think so. He just sent me an extra app: ‘I didn’t say Never what Christian Horner said, Jose [Verstappen]Raymond [Vermeulen] Or who thinks I said that and seems angry about it. It’s a little game. The English attack Max and Red Bull, and he is now pushed forward as a scapegoat. But it is not. I’m defending him,” it seems.

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