PHOTOS: Houses for rent for Christmas lovers and haters

PHOTOS: Houses for rent for Christmas lovers and haters

Do you like old but cool Christmas movies Home Alone? Or are you less interested in the party and are you a Christmas fan who hates the Grinch? Either way, you’re in luck. The homes of these two films are for rent. Thus, you can dream in pictures.

Kevin’s house

In the huge house full of Christmas stockings, Christmas trees and all the decorations that true Christmas fans would want, Kevin spent the holidays alone. His parents and brother are on a trip to Paris and have forgotten him. Meanwhile, Kevin has to deal with two thieves, which prevents him from getting bored. This ceremonial home is located in Illinois, USA and is now for rent Airbnb. He arranged for that actor to play Brother Baz in the movie. “I’d like to share my childhood home, even my pizza, with you,” he says. That’s why four fans managed to have a night at home this week.

This is what a Christmas house looks like:

The Grinch’s house

Do you hate Christmas? Then the Grinch’s Cave might be for you. This green monster hates to party, too. So much so that he once tried in the movie to steal all the Christmas decorations. For anyone who hates Christmas as much, he’s offering his cave for rent this year. It’s in the middle of nowhere, somewhere in Utah. For just over fifteen euros a night, you can sleep in his bed, play on his device and try on his green woolen socks. The ad says, leave your sleigh at home, but bring your own food. And no internet, because the Grinch hates it as much as Christmas. He writes “Enjoy your stay.” ‘or not. I’m not interested.

In the photo above you can see outside the cave. Below you can see the layout of the green monster.

Zuma Press photos
Zuma Press photos

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