Perez eyes GP Miami: ‘Possibly the best atmosphere ever in F1’

Perez eyes GP Miami: 'Possibly the best atmosphere ever in F1'

Sergio Perez expects a frenetic atmosphere during the opening Grand Prix in Miami. This weekend, nearly 240,000 fans will walk through the gates of the brand new street circuit to witness the first race in the US of the season. Formula 1 is so popular right now and that’s where Perez owes it campaign to survive to.

Last season, the Formula 1 drivers had to deal with an excellent atmosphere at the Circuit of the Americas. The Red Bull Racing driver is anticipating another great weekend in America. On the contrary, Perez said, “It’s going to be a really unprecedented atmosphere.” Forbes† “Maybe we are dealing with the best atmosphere in the history of the sport. In Formula 1, everyone is enjoying the weekend. When we race in Europe the events are a little different.”

In recent decades, the relationship between Formula 1 and the United States has been complex. Thanks to Netflix, America has once again embraced the motorsport elite. “The popularity of this sport now is amazing. campaign to survive It meant a lot to our sport. We have a great product that we can sell to the world. Everyone now realizes how good this sport is.

Perez’s ultimate dream

However, the ambiance would not be the most important thing for Perez. It is clear that the Mexican wants to do well again. “I want to win every weekend. If you now also look at the gap between Max (Verstappen, editor) and me, you can see that it’s very small. It shows my adaptability and I’m working very well with the team. With this, Perez hopes to realize his dream.” The final “Of course I want to win the biggest trophy in Formula 1. That’s what I live for,” the Red Bull driver said.

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