People Flock to the Shops and Terraces: Finally ‘Fat Saturday’ Again | The interior

People Flock to the Shops and Terraces: Finally 'Fat Saturday' Again |  The interior

“Finally another big Saturday,” says Mike Emilkamp, ​​owner of the Sempre clothing store in Almere. A major brand seller can smile again after months of despair. “It’s very crowded everywhere in the city. With us and at big stores like H&M and Zara. I think people are strictly sticking to the rules. It’s great for us entrepreneurs that we can finally get back to work. The shoppers are happy too.”

Since Wednesday, reservations are no longer necessary in stores and terraces are open from 12 PM to 6 PM. Open verandas give more ambience and are thus general, owner Wachter Muller concludes Vesting Hotel Naarden. “You don’t think it’s possible. Between a quarter to twelve people are already walking around the stands and by 12 o’clock all the seats are being filled. We noticed in the last few days that sales are down in bad weather, but it’s now crowded and fun. It exudes Naarden. Comes back. People come to the city instead of the swamp. “

Busy old fashioned

In Groningen, the local tourist office announces it’s almost crowded old-fashioned on a Saturday. “The shops are well attended and tourists are returning. For example, we sell a lot of city walks,” says one employee.

In Den Bosch, Board Member Marcel Van Zuam of the Hartje Business Association delights the crowd. “I have a relatively small balcony, but it’s full all day. In town we see real fun again. It’s very busy in big retail chains. At nine this morning there were really long lines. People were still a little nervous in recent weeks,” But now they’re more relaxed. Everyone really needs this. Entrepreneurs and the public. “

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In some places, the number of visitors is very high, according to the municipality. Eindhoven municipality has called on people to stop coming to the city center as it is so busy.

“It’s very crowded in the city center. Never come to town center again if not necessary. Stay 1.5 meters away! The municipality wrote on Twitter on Saturday afternoon.

Amsterdam is also busy in some places. For this reason, the municipality has established one-way traffic in Kalverstraat and Nieuwendijk. It is the first time since December that this measure has become necessary again.

It is the first Saturday since the coronavirus measures were eased, in which shopping in non-essential stores was allowed again without an appointment. Conditions apply. For example, a maximum number of visitors is allowed per 25 square meters.


The terraces in Breda are full too.

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