Passengers kicked off KLM plane after protesting against vegetarian menu

Passengers kicked off KLM plane after protesting against vegetarian menu

Earlier this month, KLM released the news with the potential intent to stop serving meat on transcontinental flights in the future. Director customer experience Boet Kreiken is said to have told De Telegraaf that meat is no longer served in economy class on European flights, and that the policy “will be rolled out to the rest of the network in the coming years”.

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In Ghana, many people are against this, Nico van Staldwinen told RTL Nieuws. Dutchman Van Staldwinen has been living in Ghana for 17 years with his wife. “We are meat lovers, just like most Ghanaians. KLM, but also airlines and other companies, we have absolutely no understanding of how different cultures are. The decision to serve vegetarian dishes is going to be a huge loss for customers.”

It is for this reason that Van Staldwinen decided to organize a “merry protest”. He had already booked a trip to Holland for medical reasons, and decided to use the trip to express his displeasure. “Before the flight, in the waiting area, I handed out flyers with text saying that Ghanaians are not vegetarians. I also had two large posters with the same meaning with me. These posters were for Ghanaians in Amsterdam, so they could protest too.”

Posters were rolled up on the plane and fliers were hoisted away, van Staldwinen says. “The flight attendant told me she wanted to confiscate the posters. I am well versed in flight safety rules and don’t want to cause any trouble at all, so I agreed. A few moments later the flight attendant came back with the captain, she said. I threatened her with it. She vehemently denied it, but there was no Talk. My wife and I had to get off the plane.”

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No plans for a vegetarian menu

KLM RTL Nieuws informed in response that a passenger on the relevant flight had already been refused. “This occurred due to unacceptable behavior and failure to follow the instructions of the crew.” About the purpose of the procedure, the airline says that there are currently no concrete plans to switch entirely to vegetarian meals.

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